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Hardwood Screen & Recoat Charlotte, Eastover, Cotswold And Foxcroft Areas. 

Our screen and recoat process lightly abrades the wear layer (the top layer) of polyurethane not your hardwood floors. This will remove light scuffs, scratches, and dirt particles on the surface of your polyurethane.


Our application of 2 coats of fresh polyurethane will seal and add a protective barrier to your wood floors making them much easier to clean and maintain. 

This budget friendly maintenance process is less expensive than sanding or floor replacement. Our Screen and Recoat can save you thousands, if done as a preventive measures. 

Screen and Recoat Benefits

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Charlotte, Tega Cay and Lake Wylie Areas 

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                   Our Screen and Recoat Process


1. We will dustmop or vacuum your floors to remove any remaining particles, to ensure we achieve the best results. 


2. Mix the appropriate solution specific to your floor type and floor conditions.


3. Apply our solution and give it time to loosen any stubborn dirt or stains.


4. Scrub your floors with the correct machine and brushes to protect your floors. Allow your floors time to dry. 


5 Screen your floors with a specific screening disc to remove any minor scratches and scuffs. 


6. Vacuum your hardwood floors with our commercial HEPA vacuum system. 


7. Flat mop your hardwood floors dry and then with our spray solution to assist with the removal of any particles. 


8. Repeat step 6.


9. Apply first coat of polyurethane and allow 3 hours of drying time.


10. We like to do a walk-through with the client at this point. Only socks are allowed on the floor.


11. Apply second coat of polyurethane and allow 4 hours of dry time

Typically Can Be Complete In One Day

Charlotte's Screen & Recoat Floor Expert

This service is a practical way to spruce up a floor that's in reasonably good condition but starting to show signs of wear. Having your wood floor recoated this way can keep them looking good longer, so you can delay a complete sanding and refinish for up to three to five years, depending on foot traffic. This is especially helpful if you're sensitive to dust and prefer to put off sanding for as long as possible.

What The Difference A Screen and Recoat  


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Areas We Service

We proudly service the following areas in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Highland Creek





Mint Hill



Indian Trail



Fort Mill


Myers Park

Mount Holly



We also service areas in South Carolina and surrounding areas. 

Indian Land


Rock Hill

Fort Mill

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