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Saturday Morning Chores

Cleaning and maintaining floors can become a chore, especially once the dirt is embedded in the wood. On top of that, some cleaning products can leave behind residue or film that collects and hold dirt. Your hardwood floors will eventually become dull and have a dirty look and feel, and unfortunately, the more you clean, the worse it gets.

Need a Fresh Start
Dirt brought in from the outside will eventually build up and cause your hardwood floors to become dirty and dull. Cleaning with the wrong products will cause your floors to become sticky, leaving a cloudy film behind — either one of the two will leave your floors unattractive. This is why a professional Clean and Buff is the best option for floors with dirt and residue build-up. This process will bring your hardwood floors back to life, revealing their natural beauty!
Clean and Buff Benefits 


Regular cleaning and buffing restore the natural luster of hardwood floors, making them look brand new and vibrant.


Removing dirt, dust, and grit through cleaning prevents scratching and abrasion, extending the lifespan of the floor.

Maintained Finish

Buffing helps maintain the protective finish of the hardwood, preventing wear and tear and preserving the wood's integrity.

Clean My Floors
Other hard surface floors like luxury vinyl plank and engineered floors can benefit from our clean and buff service. These floors typically have fine groves that collect and hold dirt. We have tools and equipment made to agitate, release and extract the contaminates.
Hardwood Floor Specialist
Our experienced team specializes in refinishing hardwood floors and returning them to their former glory. If you need hardwood floor restoration in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding areas, look no further!
Our Guarantee
We will not disappear after the service. If there is an issue after we service your floors, please let us know, and we will be back to make it right. Customer satisfaction is important to us.
Local and Owner-Operated
 We live in a neighborhood near you. We spend our money with other local businesses, just like you do. You can easily talk directly with the owner.
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