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Best Charlotte Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Buffing 

Cleaning and maintaining floors can become a chore, especially once the dirt is embedded in the wood. On top of that, some cleaning products can leave behind residue or film that collects and hold dirt. Your hardwood floors will eventually become dull and have a dirty look and feel, and unfortunately, the more you clean, the worse it gets.

At Proscout Hardwood Floor, we take pride in providing a top-notch Cleaning and Buffing service for your hardwood floors. Our professional team uses the latest equipment and techniques to clean and buff your floors, leaving them looking like new again. We keep our services up-to-date to ensure that your floors are in safe and reliable hands.

Clean & Buff Benefits 

Our professional Clean and Buff service is one of those services that can benefit anyone interested in maintaining clean floors. It is typical done in one day and you can walk on your floors immediately afterwards.

After your floors are clean and back to their glory days. All you have to do is maintain them and we will tell you how to maintain your floors. At ProScout, our goal is to clean the floor, and make it easier for you to maintain the floors. 

Our Hardwood floor specialist will use solutions and specialized equipment to remove years of embedded dust, dirt, grime, and any abrasive particles that can overtime scratch and damage your floors. 


Professional Cleaning and Refinishing 
Charlotte, Tega Cay and Lake Wylie Areas 

Wooden Deck

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What You Can Expect

Step 1

We will dust mop or vacuum your floors to remove any remaining particles, to ensure we achieve the best results. 


Step 2

Mix a solution specific to your floor type and floor conditions.


Step 3

Apply our solution and give it time to loosen any stubborn dirt or stains.


Step 4

Scrub your floors with the appropriate machine and brushes. Extract the dirt with our self-contained floor machine. 




Final Step

Finally, we mechanically polish your floors with a cotton pad to bring out the natural sheen of your floors.       



Professional Floor Cleaning in Charlotte

Luxury Vinyl Plank, Engineered Hardwood and Laminate Floors will benefit from our Clean and Buff service. These floors typically have fine groves that collect and hold dirt. We have tools and equipment made to agitate, release and extract the dirty, grease, stain and other contaminates.


We Also Clean These Floor Surfaces

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