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Hardwood Screen & Recoat Charlotte, Cornelius, Concord, And Kannapolis Areas. 

After years of wear and tear, you will start to see minor dents, scratches and small gouges in your polyurethane. In some cases you will see grey areas.  No worries, your hardwood floor is a good candidate for our Screen and Recoat service. Like all things, hardwood floors must be serviced to protect the wood. A Screen and Recoat is a maintenance process that removes minor blemishes, adds missing polyurethane back to your wood floors and increases the floor protection.  


These blemishes are not in the wood, but in the wear layer or protective layer on your floors. Simply put, the polyurethane has worn down and it is time to recoat your floors. In this scenario sanding and refinishing your floors may not be necessary. What most don't know is screening and applying polyurethane to your hardwood floors is the final step in the sand and refinish process. If you think about it it only makes since to screen and recoat your floors after so many years.

Professional Cleaning and Refinishing 
Charlotte, Tega Cay and Lake Wylie Areas 

New Home

Imagine This

Imagine walking barefoot on smooth, glowing hardwood floors, evoking a sense of comfort, warmth, and pride in your home. 


Imagine the memories of family gatherings, the sound of children's laughter echoing through the halls, all against the backdrop of beautifully refreshed floors.


Imagine the emotional satisfaction and joy that comes with preserving and enhancing your living space, making it a place you are  proud to call home.

Screen and Recoat Benefits

Don't want to sand and refinish your hardwood floors. A Screen and Recoat will remove light scuffs, scratches, and dirt particles on the surface of your hardwood floors. Our maintenance process will extend the life of your floors and prolong the sanding and refinishing. 
We apply 2 coats of water-base polyurethane to seal and to add a lasting protective barrier to your wood floors making them much easier to clean and maintain. 

This budget friendly maintenance process is less expensive than sanding or floor replacement. Our Screen and Recoat can save you thousands, if done as a preventive measures. 

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Our Customer Review Videos

We use only the best equipment and products to ensure that every job we take on is completed to perfection. We are committed to the excellence of our work and value our customers' satisfaction above all else.
Check out our customer reviews and see for yourself how we've helped others restore their floors.

Customer Testimonial in Dallas, North Carolina

Customer Testimonial in Dallas, North Carolina
Customer Testimonial in Dallas, North Carolina

Customer Testimonial in Dallas, North Carolina

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Ranch House Customer Testimonial

Ranch House Customer Testimonial

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Client Testimonial Monroe North Carolina - Catherine Brooks

Client Testimonial Monroe North Carolina - Catherine Brooks

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Video Testimony: Mr Jose Engineered hardwood floor sand and refinish  Contact us 980.205.3337

Video Testimony: Mr Jose Engineered hardwood floor sand and refinish Contact us 980.205.3337

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What You Can Expect

Step 1

We will dust mop or vacuum your floors to remove any particles on your floors, to ensure we achieve the best results. 


Step 2

Screen your floors with a specific screening disc to remove minor scratches. This will also help create a strong bond for the newly applied polyurethane.  


Step 3

Vacuum your hardwood floors with our commercial HEPA vacuum system. Flat mop your hardwood floors dry and then with our spray solution to assist with the removal of any particles. 


Step 4

Apply first coat of polyurethane and allow 3 hours of drying time. 


Step 6

We like to do a walk-through with the client at this point. Socks only!


Final Step

Apply second coat of polyurethane and allow 4 hours of dry time

Can Be Completed In One Day!

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