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It's important to note that sanding and refinishing should be done properly by professionals to achieve the best results. The process involves multiple steps, including sanding, staining (if desired), and applying protective finishes, and it requires specialized equipment and expertise to avoid mistakes that could damage the wood.
When is a Sand and Refinish beneficial and more economical. Well, first if changing the color of your hardwood floors is the end state, this service will do just that. Hardwood floors with deep gouges, scratches, Ultraviolet radiation or water damage (like the photo you see here) are good candidates for a Sand and Refinish. Allow our professionals to assess your floors, before making your final decision.    
Sand and Refinish Benefits 


When refinishing, you can choose the type of finish you want, whether it's a glossy, satin, or matte look. This allows a wood color change to match your desired aesthetic

Water Damage

If your hardwood floor has suffered water damage or staining, sanding and refinishing can help address these issues by removing the damaged layers and providing a clean slate.


Sanding and refinishing are often more cost-effective than completely replacing hardwood flooring, especially if the wood itself is still in good condition. Hardwood is expensive.

It takes heavy duty equipment and experience to refinish hardwood floors. This process is time consuming and labor-intensive to say the least. Consider your experience when deciding to do it yourself or calling a professional. At the end of the day we want what is best for the customer and the floors, no matter who completes the work.
My Floors Need a Fresh Start
Hardwood Sanding and Refinishing In most cases one of our maintenance processes (Screen and Recoat, Wax Removal, or Cleaning and Buffing) will do the job. When replacement is to expensive and the wood still have enough thickness, sanding and refinishing is a good choice. Water Damage would be a great candidate for a sand and refinish.
Hardwood Floor Specialist
Our experienced team specializes in refinishing hardwood floors and returning them to their former glory. If you need hardwood floor restoration in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding areas, look no further!
Our Guarantee
We will not disappear after the service. If there is an issue after we service your floors, please let us know, and we will be back to make it right. Customer satisfaction is important to us.
Local and Owner-Operated
 We live in a neighborhood near you. We spend our money with other local businesses, just like you do. You can easily talk directly with the owner.
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