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  • Do You Clean Hardwood Floors?
    Yes, we clean hardwood floors, luxury vinyl plank, engineered hardwood floors, vinyl composition tile and laminate floors.
  • What Is A Clean & Buff Service?
    Our Clean and Buff service is perfect for floors that are in good to fair condition and need a deep cleaning. After a deep cleaning we mechanically buff the floors to bring out the natural sheen.
  • What Is A Screen & Recoat Service?
    A Screen and Recoat lightly scuffs the top layer of polyurethane, removing light surface blemishes and scratches. This process does not remove deep gouges or change the color of the wood. This sandless refinishing service is excellent when sanding is not necessary, when your floors have lost their sheen and are no longer appealing like they once were.
  • What Is The Difference Between A Screen & Recoat and a Sand & Refinish?
    We recommend a Sand and Refinish to clients with floors in poor condition or to clients that simply want to change the color of their floors. Sanding will take the floors down to bare wood pass the polyurethane and current stain color. Unlike, a Screen and Recoat, sanding floors are more time consuming, accumulates more dust and is three or four times the cost of a Screen and Recoat.
  • I Do Not Want To Sand & Refinish My Floors. What Else Can I Do?
    Floors in good to fair condition with light surface scratches can benefit from a Screen and Recoat. In most cases your floors will improve in appearance by 80% or more giving your hardwood floors a fresh start. Unlike, the sanding process a Screen and Recoat is economical and can typically be completed in one day. Our Screen and Recoat service is a better option when sanding is not necessary or desired.
  • What Is A Wax Removal Service?
    Once on your floors, you will eventually start to see smudges, scratches and dirt build-up in the acrylic wax. Your floor sheen will be diminished leaving your floors dull and unattractive. At this point the wax must be chemically removed. Once emulsified the wax is sticky, messy and will require a variety of trade tools and equipment. This service can be time consuming and labor intensive.
  • Do You Install Hardwood Floors?
    Although, We do not install or sand and refinish hardwood floors. We partner with a company that upholds our standards.
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